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All slots booked through October 2011.
Get in touch to reserve a future date/slot. Studio Custom Setup / Level2 is full. Level 1 available. 

Lightphoria 'SMS' Pro Processing Services

Say hello to SMS.  No, not text messaging.  It's "Save My Sundays".  Spend time on yourself.

Are you feeling tired and drained from just the RAW and basic image processing?  Is that inhibiting those creative juices within you from exploding with energy, and giving you the “omph” to create the best images for your clients?  Or holding you back from spending precious time on other precious things?

It is understandable.  Just do a quick estimate of how long you spend, per image, to sort, load into your raw processor, adjust color/exposure/etc, export to jpeg, make a black&white, make an artistic version, ...okay let's stop there.  Now multiply by say, only 1000 images.  Yikes!!  Now think of how much your time is worth and how much time and energy you can reclaim.

Spend your creative energy on fine tuning those super top 10 shots, creating products and albums, and getting psyched for your next shoot.  By freeing up the those consuming processes, we'll probably save more than your Sundays.

What can be done with that freed up time?  Enjoy photography, work on your business, marketing and advertising, spend time with friends and family.


Our goal is to get you 90% of the way there.  So you only need to do any fine tune photoshop work or work on your top showcase images. Some have even used our results to get them 100% of the way there by delivering the completed files as-is.  Simply because we deliver a lot, and we intend to deliver more value over time.

No mind bending math.  We're either right for you (we want to be of course!) or we're not.  So we deliver big value without being nickel and dimed.

You send us your files, and you get back:
'Level 1':
* Exposure, contrast, density and color corrected jpegs saved at max quality.
* Full set of All corrected images in black & white (BW)
* Full set of All corrected images in a color artistic enhanced treatment (ART1) (not avail for non-reserved submissions)

'Level 2': the "level 2" servicing gets all the above in studio-customized BW/ART1 plus:
* Full set of all corrected images in a second + thrid artistic treatment (custom ART2+3 )
* All files with camera exif/iptc cleared and set with Studio/Photographer copyright and web URL.
* Full set of web ready files, noise reduction and sharpening/enhance for web applied, plus customized watermarking

So all you have to decide is:
i) do you want us to sort?  And to what target number (in multiples of 50)?
ii) which service level?
iii) do you want a slideshow ready for DVD and or web flash video? 



1) Get in touch.
2) (if necessary) Do a round of Studio Customization setup.
3) If availability slot is open, you'll be given instructions to send us the disc of images, pay the first half of the order and to tell us what you need.
4) Relax, enjoy your time.
5) Notified of files ready.  Complete payment.
6) Receive files.
7) Wow clients.





Cell/mobile (USA): 206 719 8977
Skype: humanality

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