the Experience, the Care, the Fun.
“Having you photograph our wedding was the best choice we made regarding the event. It was the one thing that we did not have to worry about in any way and knew 110% that we were in the right hands.”
“Many times I found myself wondering how he was able to capture light, color, and background so well. I know that spontaneity plays a role in his approach, but it really does seem as though he has everything perfectly planned out. This certainly goes back to the issue of trust and the way he builds a relationship with you. It is very easy to believe in what he is doing, and that belief really pays off in the end.”
“The presence and love of family was a central part of our wedding day, so we chose to take lots of group pictures. You made them a real adventure. They look nothing like the stiff and stuffy formal pictures that we’ve seen from so many weddings, rather they are energetic and full of personality.”
“I’ve never had so much fun taking wedding pictures before. It was so different from the usual; we were really enjoying ourselves being silly and climbing on things and goofing off.”
“We are back from our honeymoon and wanted to email you to say how much we appreciated your hard work on our wedding day. We can’t thank you enough for being so generous with your time and creativity. You really helped to make everything go so smoothly and contributed in more areas than just photography.”
“I was also super impressed at how attentive Siang was to our preferences, the detail and effort he put into the experience”
“Siang was incredibly calm, organized, and made us feel at ease on our very hectic day.”
“In addition I want to thank you for your work making this a very successful day for us. Thanks again!”
“I think the biggest factor in our experience with Siang was the way he built a relationship with us. Our first meeting with him is perhaps the best example of this. Instead of us asking him a series of random questions about pictures he took for another wedding, we found that he did most of the question asking. He asked very interesting questions about us, our relationship, our tastes, etc. It quickly became apparent just how much Siang cared about our story and how he wanted to take pictures that both look great and that showcase our personalities and relationship. The fact that he knew us so well made it easy to trust his direction, and that trust was rewarded with how great our pictures turned out.”
“We are especially thankful for all of the extra advice and information you gave us that helped the day run so smoothly.”

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