The "device":
Well, if you came to this page looking for the "sad light sp3882 or sp9882 light device", it is here:

Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy

who/what is Lightphoria

Lightphoria is one of the top documentary wedding photography studios in the world. In Wedding Photojournalist Assn's 2011 Top 100 photographers worldwide, Siang came in at No. 3. In 2011, also won top spots in Creative Portrait and Emotion. Consistently over the past years in the top photographers list. Lightphoria currently provides worldwide photography coverage, has a team for servicing other professional phtoographers' workflows, and workshops ranging from personal 1-1 mentoring, small classes and photography lighting devices instruction.


the Lightphoria name

When I decided to brand the photography business separately from my personal name, I spent time a lot of time crafting up options. "Lightphoria" came about by the combination of "light"(ascertaining to photography/visual media) and "euphoria"(to communicate a wonderful emotional feeling visually). It was also one of the words, when googled or searched, turned up zero results. Unique as can be, and creative hard work paid off.... something I liked, peers liked, and totally unique. Registered the business name in late 05, got the domain registered start of 2006.


the Lightphoria wide spectrum light device

Out of nowhere, in late 2010, a sphere gadget domain was registered online, and in 2011 sadlight-therapy domain. And all of a sudden there was a device being sold with the name Lightphoria. I found this out as I had a google news monitoring on the word "lightphoria".

So much for "them" doing proper name research and trying to be unique themselves. Or they're perhaps a large MLM firm that pushes products over multiple names, companies and channels; and this was created to make a quick buck on a product import. Or they don't really care duplicating a name. That's the nature of the world and certain people I guess.


this page

This page was created as a way to answer the question from past, present and future clients (and those curious) as to how the name came about, who was around with the Lightphoria name first and some history. It definitely was not a light device as far as internet archives show.


snippets of interest from wayback internet archives showing easily that was around before even sphere gadget or sad light device was a parked page:

lightphoria reg:

sad light reg:

sphere gadget reg:

wayback archive on sad light, nothing, not even archived by wayback yet:

wayback archive on sphere gadget, still just a parked page end of 2010:


wayback archive Lightphoria, already being archived by wayback early 2008:


That's it.



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