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Solutions and services for the pro photographer. With one simple goal: To help you deliver results quickly. Services to save time, tools to increase creativity and software to deal with nuances.
All set for appearances in 2008 to empower your productivity.

Lightphoria 'SMS' Pro Processing Services now available to all pros!

Say hello to SMS.  No, not text messaging.  It's "Save My Sundays".  Spend time on yourself.

After 5 months of optimization and limited group servicing, the service is now available for all pros. 
RAW / post processing that delivers. 

Color corrected files.
Black and white files.
Artistically treated files.
Studio/photographer customized looks.
Web ready files with studio customizations.
And more.

Check it out.


sneak peaks 

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Who's behind this?  Along with a small elite team, lightphoria solutions is the brainchild of Siang Loo.  Siang has more than 12 years of experience with digital imaging.  Involved with computer imaging, graphics and computer vision since 1994, Siang has expertise in both creating and using graphics software on SGI, Apple, Microsoft platforms.  He has led teams in the managing and processing of large amounts of digital assets (photoshop files, 3d assets, textures, etc), for large productions ranging from computer animated films to video games.  His experience with photography began at a young age with a minolta srt 101.  Production software experience is extensive. (e.g. Photoshop, since 3.0; 3d graphics/rendering applications since 1995). 

The team that handles your images and have help devise the Lightphoria workflow are either photographers, graphics software engineers or digital imaging artists working on latest hardware whenever possible.  Our custom software scales processing to multiple computers, so our team is always focused on your work, and not twiddling their thumbs waiting for the computer to respond.

There is still no real viable or good solutions for small studio photographers to handle large volumes of images (such as wedding photographers).  Many "workflow" books are written by well intentioned smart people who are simply sharing what works for them.  Many "workflow" tools are filled with well intentioned features on top of a thumbnail viewer to satisfy as broad an audience as possible.  Now, these tools aren't necessarily bad, and they are better than nothing for many.   But not totally efficient.  These digital photography nuances are a roadblock to truly living out one's photography passions.  When you combine all those books and tools, the majority of photographers end up spending absurdly more time in front of the computer.   There's just no good way to constantly process an increasing amount of photos, especially not for the small studio of 1-3 photographers with no imaging staff.  If you're one of these photographers, you know what we mean. Your time is precious. We intend to bring a unique breath of fresh air into the "time suck" of file processing, mouse clicks-then-wait, unending software trials/switches/upgrades, dealing with costly action sets that just swamp you with more random try-and-see mouse clicks.

lightphoria solutions and services. experience the euphoria.  get in touch. save your sundays.



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