wedding raves

“Truly, you have blessed us with your gift for photography and even more so with your generosity and kindness. Thank you for all that you have done.”
“Not even half way through the slideshow, I was so moved I started crying.”
“For days after our wedding slideshow arrived we couldn’t stop watching it. The images were so vivid and such a true reflection of our day that each one brought back all of the excitement that we felt when they were being taken. We could really feel the love of all our family and friends in the images you captured of them.”
“I can’t imagine why anyone in the Pacific Northwest would ever hire another photographer than you! … … Despite the pouring rain, crazy cold wind, personal last minute injuries and blinding sun at certain inopportune moments, you made it exciting and adventurous.
If anyone else is reading this wall post- listen up… you want Siang to photograph your special moments. Don’t even bother calling anyone else. We did and can tell you they don’t measure up.”
“… it’s beautiful, his work is very unique. There are loads of wedding and baby photographers but his is quite different, refreshing.”
“A+ Job!!! Honestly, we could not have found a better photographer! My husband and I are not the most photogenic people but you wouldn’t be able to tell after getting your pictures done with Siang. The photos he captured at our engagement session and wedding captured the love perfectly.”
“You can see how strong our relationship with our family is in the images that you caught from that special day.”
“As much as our wedding was about us, it was also about sharing the moment with our family and friends. Siang really emphasizes the fact that he is creating a story through pictures, and of course this story would not be complete if it focused only on the two of us. Our wedding was premised around the idea that we were inviting our families and closest friends, and Siang really did a good job of capturing the importance of these relationships.”
“We love your work so much. We were just saying how it would be nice if you could just be there with a camera to capture all of our life’s adventures.”
“We are too excited to think straight. We are watching the video for the zillionth time already with no end in sight. You are so talented and we thank you for capturing our relationship so beautifully.”
“When my fiance proposed in February I figured we’d have a courthouse ceremony or possibly elope, even though our families desperately wanted us to have a “real” wedding. It was hard, though, to imagine us as a “traditional wedding” couple. Then in March, my fiance sent me the link to Lightphoria (but I didn’t open it until April). Then one day, as I was casually browsing the wedding photos, something amazing happened. I don’t know if it was the spontaneity of the photographs, the delicate expressions of feeling captured on film, or the beauty of the many perspectives and simple details that I saw on the website, but somehow the naturalness and sincerity of the photographs made me feel like a beloved participant in the celebrations. I was deeply touched…and all of a sudden, “having a wedding” didn’t seem like this staid old meaningless set of exercises, but rather an incredible opportunity to share one of life’s greatest transitions with the people we care about most. That day, I started making calls and soon we had a wedding planned. Now I can say that our first steps toward sharing the rest of our lives together will be taken with care, with love, and with treasured and meaningful insight. And of course, Lightphoria will be there to capture it, so in the years ahead, we will always have a reminder of how our greatest journey in life all began….“”

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